Introducing Mir

Dlang Libraries built for Companies 





The Base Library

  • Multidimensional arrays of different kinds

  • Cache-friendly semi-immutable sorted maps

  • Thread-safe reference counted shared pointers in D and C++

  • Multidimensional manipulation and iteration algorithms

  • Multidimensional numeric interpolation

  • Data-structures, and more...


Advanced Random Number Generators

  • Secure API Design

  • Extended set of RNGs

  • Random distributions

  • Saturated floating point numbers generation

  • Tinflex algorithm implementation

  • Algorithms for random sampling


Fast, expressive, and easy to use JSON serialization library with optional SSE4 optimization.

 ASDF is a cache oriented string based JSON representation. Besides, it is a convenient Json Library for D that gets out of your way. ASDF is specially geared towards transforming high volumes of JSON dataframes, either to new JSON Objects or to custom data types.